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English correctly in hundred days. Internationalisation and the English language - Professor Jennifer Jenkins Inaugural Lecture - Kerry Small

Honorary degree awarded to BBC correspondent Caroline Wyatt - Jo Venters
Keywords:Humanities, Modern Languages, Alumni, Honorary doctorate, Caroline Wyatt

Insights into bilingualism in Catalonia. By Carles Casajuana Palet - Sara Mailis
Keywords:Carles Casajuana Palet, Perez de Ayala lecture, Modern Languages, Spanish, Catalan

Multidisciplinary research at Humanities. Contemporary German Jewish literature as a counter discourse - Jo Venters
Keywords:Student life, Postgraduate, Parkes Institute, Jewish life, Jewish Studies, Modern Languages, History, Holocaust, Humanities, Cross-disciplinary, Multidisciplinary, German, Campus life, Research, Postgraduate research, Case study

Professor Michael Kelly on the English baccalaureate - Jo Venters
Keywords:Languages, Humanities, French, Education

Routes into Languages: Able Linguist Day 2009 - Jo Venters
Keywords:Modern Languages, Humanities, Outreach

Score in French 2010 - Jo Venters
Keywords:Languages, French, Humanities, Outreach

The Sociolinguistics Symposium 18: SS18, Europe’s premier conference on language in society - Jo Venters
Keywords:Languages, Humanities, Society, Transnational, Migration, Conference

Thinking of studying BSc German Linguistic Studies? - Jo Venters
Keywords:Campus life, Student life, Languages, Humanities, Southampton, Undergraduate, German

Thinking of studying BSc Languages and Contemporary European Studies? - Jo Venters
Keywords:Languages, Campus life, Student life, Southampton, Undergraduate, Humanities

Winter graduation 2009 - Jo Venters
Keywords:Humanities, Graduation, English, French, Student life, Campus life, Southampton

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