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A Fabulous Opportunity. Postgraduate study in English - Jo Venters
Keywords:English, Humanities, Postgraduate, Manuscript, Research, Southampton, Campus life, Student life, Case study

A practice-led Music research project - Jo Venters
Keywords:Music, Postgraduate, Student life, Humanities, Campus life, Southampton, Research

A sixteenth century music manuscript - Jo Venters
Keywords:Postgraduate, Music, Humanities, Manuscript, Campus life, Southampton, Student life, Case study

Computer Science innovation explores cultural heritage - Jo Venters
Keywords:Postgraduate, Web Science, Research, Student life, Multidisciplinary, Social networking, Postgraduate research, Campus life, Case study, Cross-disciplinary

Crossing Boarders. East Asian cinema explored - Jo Venters
Keywords:Film Studies, Campus life, Humanities, Student life, Postgraduate, Symposium, Research, Cinema

Multidisciplinary research at Humanities. Contemporary German Jewish literature as a counter discourse - Jo Venters
Keywords:Student life, Postgraduate, Parkes Institute, Jewish life, Jewish Studies, Modern Languages, History, Holocaust, Humanities, Cross-disciplinary, Multidisciplinary, German, Campus life, Research, Postgraduate research, Case study

Revealing Fine Art through Motion Capture Science - Jo Venters
Keywords:Research, Postgraduate, Art, Science, Multidisciplinary, Cross-disciplinary, Student life, Campus life, Postgraduate research, Case study

Thinking of studying a Postgraduate Research programme in Archaeology? - Jo Venters
Keywords:Campus life, Archaeology, Research, Postgraduate, Southampton, Student life, Humanities, Case study

Thinking of studying a Postgraduate Research programme in English? - Jo Venters
Keywords:Campus life, English, Southampton, Postgraduate, Student life, Humanities, Research

Thinking of studying a Postgraduate Research programme in Film Studies? - Jo Venters
Keywords:Campus life, Film Studies, Southampton, Postgraduate, Student life, Humanities

Web Science innovation challenges online fraud - Jo Venters
Keywords:Research, Postgraduate, Web Science, Student life, Computer Science, Campus life, Postgraduate research, Case study, Commercial application, Biometric recognition, Online fraud, Security

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