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Anne Curry on Agincourt - Sara Mailis
Keywords:Southampton History Speaks, Anne Curry, History

Chris Fuller on the War on Terror - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:War on Terror, Christopher Fuller, Drones, September 11th, Archives, Research, Postgraduate research, Undergraduate research

Chris Woolgar on Food in Medieval England - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:Medieval history, Archives, Chris Woolgar, Material Culture, Postgraduate research, Rachel Herrmann, Food, Drink, Cooking, Gifts, Meals, Eating, Food Culture

Craig Lambert and Gary Baker on English maritime shipping - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:Craig Lambert, Gary Baker, Maritime History, Shipping, Maritime, Medieval, Early Modern, Archives, Digital Humanities, Datasets, Big Data, Data

History Admissions at the University of Southampton - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:Admissions, History, Christopher Fuller, Christer Petley, Rachel Herrmann, Mark Stoyle, Helen Spurling, George Gilbert, Chris Prior

Kendrick Oliver on the Space Age - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:Research, Archives, Space Age, Cosmology, Big Bang, NASA, Evangelicals, Hubble Telescope

Maria Hayward on Tudor and Stuart Material Culture - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:Research, Archives, Postgraduate research, Undergraduate research, Charles II, Henry VIII, Material Culture, Textiles

Mark Stoyle on Cannibals, Witches, and the English Civil War - Rachel Herrmann
Keywords:Cannibals, Witches, English Civil War, Civil War, Exeter, Aqueducts, Research, Undergraduate research

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