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"No History, Only Biography": Recreating the Past through Biographies of People, Places and Things. Professor Barbara Yorke.
Professor Barbara Yorke discussed new developments in biography writing at the 2013 University of Southampton Reuter Lecture. She reflected on the recent renewal of popularity of biographies and talked about the challenges of researching and writing about people from earlier centuries. The Professor Emerita of Early Medieval History, University of Winchester and Honorary Professor, Institute of Archaeology, University of London also held a biography master class with postgraduate research students before the talk. The lecture is held each year in memory of Tim Reuter, formerly Professor of Medieval History at Southampton. His conference in 1999 to mark the 11th centenary of King Alfred’s death was one of his last academic activities. Before the lecture, copies of Professor Reuter's monumental last book, Das Briefbuch Abt Wibalds von Stablo und Corvey, completed by Dr Hartman from Munich, were presented to Professor Chris Woolgar, who represented the University of Southampton library.

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