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A conversation with Tom Trevor, Director of Arnolfini, Bristol
Tom Trevor, the Director of Arnolfini, Bristol, in conversation with Stephen Foster in 2007, talks about 'Port City: On Mobility and Exchange', an international group exhibition which explores the relationship between global sea trade, slavery and the migration of people today.

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A conversation with artists’ Steve Beard; Victoria Halford; Steve Rowell and Neal White
Steve Beard, Victoria Halford, Steve Rowell and Neal White, in conversation with Stephen Foster in 2009, discuss their exhibition Dark Places, which uncovers sites of secrecy and technology across Britain. Commissioned by the Arts Catalyst and co-curated with the Office of Experiments, John Hansard Gallery and SCAN, the exhibition presents new artists’ works that explores spaces and institutions below the radar of common knowledge.

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Learn more about Winchester School of Art
This short video introduces the learning environment, and state-of-the-art facilities at Winchester School of Art, one of the leading art and design schools in the UK.

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