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Philosophy Café – Is it rational to be moral? By Dr Jonathan Way.
The University of Southampton’s popular Philosophy Cafe series has considered the differences between rationality and morality. Dr Jonathan Way has argued that we ordinarily assume that it is rational to be moral - that we are not foolish for doing what's right. However, on reflection it can be hard to see why this is so. After all, it certainly seems as if there can be occasions on which immorality pays. Nor is it obvious that immorality must involve any kind of inconsistency or confusion. His talk explored these challenges and considered how some philosophers have tried to vindicate the rationality of morality. For further information on the University of Southampton’s Philosophy Café’s visit

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Philosophy Café. Jonathan Way - Ethics Without Principles?
Our highly successful Philosophy Café (run in conjunction with the John Hansard Gallery) is now entering its fifth year: the Café offers regular, informal lunchtime discussions that are free and accessible. These regular, informal lunchtime discussions are held between 1-2pm and open to all (no booking required). They aim to bring together those with an interest in philosophy - from both within the University and the wider local community.

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