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Dr Kieron O’Hara - Privacy and Web Science
Recorded in March 2010, Dr Kieron O’Hara presents a lecture on the challenges the web poses to privacy, and the ways in which the web is changing views on privacy.

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Dr Paul Scerri - Information Management in Large Teams
Recorded in July 2010, Dr Paul Scerri presents results to sharing information, based on outcomes from analysis and algorithm design, applicable to large teams working in complex environments.

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PG Health Lecture - Professor Don Nutbeam
Lecture delivered by Professor Don Nutbeam, Vice Chancellor, University of Southampton. "The Impact of Schools on Health".

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Professor Luc Moreau - The Open Provenance Model: Towards Interoperability of Provenance Systems
Recorded in November 2009, Professor Luc Moreau presents a lecture on The Open Provenance vision; of an approach that consists of controlled vocabulary, serialization formats and APIs that allow provenance from individual systems to be expressed, connected in a coherent fashion, and queried seamlessly.

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Professor Neil White - The Sixth Sense: A Study of Film Sensorship
Recorded in February 2007, Professor Neil White presents an inaugural lecture as a retrospective on his research work; and introduces new research areas on developing self-powered sensors.

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