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Computer Science innovation explores cultural heritage
Find out more about a prototype model developed within the postgraduate Web and Internet Science research group at Electronics and Computer Science. Salma Noor gives insight into her project, of her prototype model ‘Cheri’ that uses social web data of individual interests and preferences to make personalised cultural heritage recommendations.

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Multidisciplinary research at Humanities. Contemporary German Jewish literature as a counter discourse
Find out more about the multidisciplinary research opportunities, and world renowned archive resources of the Parkes Institute and the learning culture at Humanities. Bettina Codrai gives insight into her research project, combining the subject areas of Jewish Studies, Languages and History that explores the wider question of contemporary German Jewish literature as a counter discourse and the link between identity and social change amongst the minority, and how this has impacted on German Jewish identity in the 21st Century.

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Revealing Fine Art through Motion Capture Science
Find out more about a multidisciplinary Art and Science research project, and the world leading imaging technologies available at Southampton. Ben Jenkins gives insight into his Fine Art practice that seeks to explore how discoveries in neuroscience, revealed by Motion Capture, may help to understand and map audience behaviour in response to art objects.

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