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Dr Ted Nelson - Interwingularity: when ideas collide
Filmed seminar from 2007, and as part of his 70th Birthday celebration, Dr Ted Nelson reflects on his work “…hierarchical and sequential structures, especially popular since Gutenberg, are usually forced and artificial. Intertwingularity is not generally acknowledged - people keep pretending they can make things hierarchical, categorizable and sequential when they can't.”

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Dr Ted Nelson - Rethink and Arise!
Filmed seminar from 2008, Dr Ted Nelson presents ideas on alternative structures and new possibilities of hierarchy of data “...rather than hierarchy, I propose that the fundamental issue is representing cross-connection and interpenetration, as required by the cross-connection and interpenetration of human thought and human life. Note that hierarchy, if really needed, can be well represented by cross-connection but not vice versa”.

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Dr Ted Nelson - TransLiterature
Filmed seminar from 2009, Dr Ted Nelson presents ideas on hierarchy and electronic documents "…today's electronic documents were explicitly designed according to technical traditions and tekkie mindset. People, not computers, are forcing hierarchy on us, and perhaps other properties you may not want."

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